In Home Art Program- Fall 2019


In Home Art Program- Fall 2019

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 *NEW* Printmaking

Creative Geniuses in home art program brings a personalized 1:1 or small group art program to the comfort and convenience of your home.  This service is designed to give a more tailored art experience and individualized art instruction. This art experience is both fulfilling and rewarding. 

Learn general art making or choose to have a more specific program in drawing, painting, sculpture, or printing (NEW!).  We provide all supplies so you don't have to be overwhelmed at the art supply store and invest in items you may not necessarily like or need.  Let us share our knowledge about materials, techniques, art history, and artists.  This experience is an opportunity to exercise art talents and build a portfolio of artwork. 

          Please confirm details and dates of service prior to registration.  Also, for group lessons, one registration form is needed per family.  Thank You!

Commonly Asked Questions:

How often and how long is the program?

We most typically meet once a week for 1 hour. Different packages are available from 4-8 weeks. The season's program concludes with a "portfolio day" which may take form as an art show, home portfolio review, or online gallery.

What if I have a group with multiple ages? 

No problem. We are able to work with a group of students with multiple ages and skill levels. 


How much does it cost? 

Instruction is designed and performed by a professional and certified art educator. Rates include: Registration fees, travel costs, planning and preparation time for class and art portfolio display, all art supplies provided & tablecloth to protect your table, flexible scheduling, personalized instruction, portfolio building, and art display.  

Summer 2019 Rates* (includes supplies):

                Private Lessons:

      $55/visit (minimum of 4 visits)

Book 6 visits, receive 5% off

Book 8 visits, receive 10% off

Group Rates Available


Are there sibling discounts?

Student rates decrease if another student is added to the group.


What does a typical session look like?

A typical hour may include: Smiling faces and laughter, sketchbook development, thematic concept development, activities and games that relate to the art, practice of technical skills, sharing of art images and history, and art making!  If there's resources or news of the outside art world that we would think you'd like, we share that with you too!  We may have our younger students move around a little too, so don't be scared by that; Body movement and playing are healthy and productive parts of our program :)


How many art projects will be made?

All students will have their own individual pace.  Generally, it takes 1-4 classes to make one piece of art.  Keep in mind that the art making is part of the artistic process; students will also develop, practice techniques, plan, revise, and engage in art discussion which help art students grow.  

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