Student Sketchbook Winter 2019

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Student Sketchbook Winter 2019


Student Sketchbook: A Place For Student Thinking & Discovery 

Student sketch books have covers that students can custom color.

Every student ages 6 & up are highly recommended to bring a sketchbook to class.  Student Sketchbooks help students get the most out of their program experience. Student sketchbooks act as a guide to the program as well become a place for many other important artistic habits including: 

  • planning

  • recording thoughts and ideas

  • revision

  • note taking

  • working through problems and finding solutions

  • practicing technical skills

  • building courage to try new things

  • working with ways to express ideas

  • organization

  • time management

  • literacy develop

    Sketchbooks are the backbone to student learning and development. It is a special and safe place for thinking and discovery.  Students can carry the skills they develop with their sketchbooks with them in their future job, as they do projects for school, or if they are planning to build something for fun on their own.  

    Our sketchbooks are tailored to our big idea, "You are a Masterpiece." We recommend the Creative Geniuses Student Sketchbook to be the best option. We will deliver it to your child at class. It is an affordable and convenient option for busy families. 

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Shipping: We will bring the books to your child(ren) at class. Just check the class pickup option during checkout.

Student sketchbooks contain 8.5"x 11" standard sized papers.  The book is a durable coil bound resource for our students to use during their program and beyond after class.  The students will be able to personalize the design on their covers to make the book uniquely their own.