Instructors Wanted

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Do you enjoy working with children or helping others? Would you like to work in a creative setting? How about earning extra income with a job that fits around your family or school schedule? Creative Geniuses is looking for part time art class instructors. Curriculum is provided. Our instructors need to be: organized, professional, enthusiastic about the arts, and most importantly have a heart and mind that shines bright! Contact us if this is you or someone you know!


People we are looking for...


For active or retired teachers. Use your professional skillset and work in a position you are familiar with and do well in. Set hours around your regular school schedule. 

College Students

Apply classroom knowledge, gain experience, and strengthen skills for your future profession and resume.  


It's a very rewarding experience knowing you are working to make a positive impact on the lives of others and  showing students skills they can use for the rest of their lives personally,  academically, and professionally. 



Appreciating and making art is in your heart and mind.  Share that passion with others so they too can self express and share their creative gifts with the world.