During our program, we guide our students through an artistic process that brings their ideas to life . We intend for this education and experiences to stay with our students as they grow and be part of the power that fuels them along the path to reach their most colorfull life.  Art class is a special occasion. Our students prepare and get excited; but formal dresses or tuxedos are not necessary. We will do our best with aprons and body control, but comfortable play clothes are encouraged. 

Art is possibilities.
— Xavier, Age 6

1. We hold foundational beliefs about art and its impact on people and the world.    

  • Art is for everybody; it unites us.  
  • We view art as being part of our everyday life.  
  • Creativity makes the world a better place. 

Art is a universal human language in that it has been spoken throughout history & time and has been a part of life & culture all over the world. Art is a testament of the human spirit. Through art education we can understand and appreciate each other more in both our differences & similarities.  

Art is our: cars, homes, the fashions we wear, the toys the children play with, and the emojis we send in our text messages.  We use this familiar everyday life to connect with our students. 

This visual world all around us are made by creative people who think artistically.  We view all our students as artists and guide them through an artistic process so they can bring their creativity and dreams to reality.  These ideas paint a colorfull everyday life and also illuminate our world through brilliant innovations, problem solving, and bringing peace through understanding one another.  Pretty important stuff. 

2. We pace our program seasonally, and each new season we focus on a "big idea".

  • We hold four sessions a year: fall, winter, spring, & summer
  • Classes generally meet 1x/wk for 1 hour (camps/workshops may differ)
  • Program sessions generally run 4-8 weeks  

Each session we make artworks revolving around a big idea. Some may refer to it as a theme, but it is more meaningful than that.  Real artists use big ideas in their work to communicate a human experience that we all share. Examples would be: identity, family, dreams, & nature.  Check our community class schedule to see this session's big idea. 

We explore deeper meaning in art, but in an age appropriate way so children will understand that art has more reason than just because it looks cool!  Through each seasonal big idea we work together to find our similarities and also what makes us unique.  Each new season we can continue our work together by discovering fresh ideas creating excitement to the students and the sites where we display!

3. We work with a variety of mediums and guide our students through an artistic process

  • Experience & explore different art mediums; drawing, painting, sculpture, etc
  • Consistent routines so students know what to expect & feel comfortable 
  • We use a creative process that is personally engaging, educational, & meaningful beyond the classroom
  • Support by our seasonal Creative Geniuses Student Sketchbook 
  • Students may complete an average of 1-4 art projects during each session
  • Opportunity for students to share artwork in displays and student galleries such as Artsonia 


More about The Creative Geniuses Creative Process™:

Making Personally Meaningful Connections

We launch the imagination by unifying student interests with professional staff knowledge and passion for art. Our curriculum is designed with fluidity and flexibility so everyone's art is their unique creation.  Personal meaning can be developed in each student's personalized student sketchbook for their unique ideas and development of possibilities.  We build this environment with one another through activities such as games, group activities, and conversations talking about the language of art.  We respect and honor different personalities and learning styles, and make room for students to work at their own pace. 

Developing Art Technical Skill

There are foundations to understanding art including technical skills, art vocabulary, and art history. We will use a variety of mediums and work with a variety of styles as they connect to each other and also give students the opportunity to try new/multiple ways of art making.  We learn about and appreciate others’ by working together to explore a variety of art styles, history, ideas, and discovering multiple solutions to topics as we "read" art.

Empowering Creativity Beyond the Classroom

Students use their skills & express their ideas through the visual arts both as a unique individual and as a collaborative team.  Art loses its meaning if it can not be shared with others.  Student artwork can be shared with friends, family, and community in many ways including art shows, show & tell, online museums, and more. Sharing our art connects the artist and viewer as well as engages community. We proudly partner with Artsonia who makes showcasing student art to friends and family anywhere in the world easy and enjoyable. We encourage continuation outside the classroom by giving resources outside of class to students and their families. 

4. Bringing a quality experience for our students, their families, and the partners at our program sites.  

  • We have a happy and caring staff that prides themselves in professional communication. 
  • Our curriculum is designed by a professional art educator who stays current and active in the field of art and education.  
  • Our outstanding instructors are carefully selected to deliver the best experience and offer patience and ability to guide learning artists. 
  • We offer a variety of days, times, and locations to meet the needs of your own and/or your family's schedule. 
  • Most importantly, we are here to listen and guide our students. We hear their voice whether it be through their art or conversation.  We want to help them move forward through the path to their potential.