Holiday Art Event at Christ the King School

Creative Geniuses hosted a special holiday art event this Tuesday for the students at Christ the King School in Des Moines.  Students enjoyed making a variety of arts and crafts, some of which would be presents for teachers, parents, and friends. All the gifts that left this art studio were handmade, original, and unique!

The students were delighted with special guest, children's book author, Laura Jensen Kimball.  Laura read her latest book, "Momster."  She spent time talking to the students about her book and answering curious questions the kids had for a real life author.  The students were very inquisitive asking about many aspects of the book including, "what is it made out of?" 

Monster makes a great stocking stuffer, along with any of Creative Geniuses products including creative tools, apparel, and home decor.  Purchase the art items at our Art Mart Store and Momster at