Write Night!

Creative Geniuses was very lucky to have a part planning and managing this year's Jefferson Elementary School Write Night. Write Night is an annual event for all students at Jefferson that promotes writing.  It is a fun way for kids to imagine themselves as writers, and to exercise their writing skills. 

Creative Geniuses joined forces with the Jefferson Elementary School PTA to bring a rich learning experience that involved: writing, illustrating, listening, and interacting with a guest speaker, discussions about writing skills, snacks, and a crayon sale to benefit the school's PTA. Our night's theme was "Extra! Extra! Write All About It!"  Student were able to explore this theme with guest speaker, Dan Welk, who was a journalist and is currently a successful photographer.

The students were then given the opportunity to write and illustrate their own newspaper article for the school's very own newspaper, "The Jefferson Gazette."  They reported on local and world news, sports, weather, entertainment, and made a classified section. The students' work is to be binded and will soon be available for checkout at their school library for all student's to read and enjoy.   

Write Night was a huge success at Jefferson Elementary.