Fall 2016 Student Art Show in Granger

Last Thursday, December 15, 2016, nearly one hundred friends, family, and community members of Granger came together to participate in the Creative Geniuses Student Art Show.  There was an art display, treats, and an art project that families enjoyed together building a snowman family portrait for their home.  

This Fall, students enjoyed art classes making sculptures, paintings, and drawings of many things including: self portraits, architecture, cartoons, and dolls and toys.  Students took a lot of pride in the display and great conversation was heard as the children told their loved ones about their artwork and the processes they went through to make it.  The town of Granger has wonderful brilliant children with amazing families.  

Thank you to the supportive family and friends that came out in the blustery winter cold to support the children and the arts.  It is this support system that makes the city of Granger and it's people so amazing.