Summer 2017: Fun in the Sun

Summer inspiration included: Sunlight, nature hikes, chalk, sand, bubbles, hot air balloons, popsicles, & ice cream. Our students shined bright this summer as we visited the big idea "Fun in the Sun." Some student artwork obviously carried this theme and others contained the idea more abstractly as art sometimes makes you think deeply.  Either way, every student made artwork that was personally meaningful while learning to bring ideas to life.  

Our students this summer included all ages and skill levels. We had students from age 2 to adult; Art truly is for EVERYONE. Our classes offered were: PreK Art Play, Art Club, Sketchbook Club, Printmaking, Clay Basics for Adults, and Beginning Painting for Adults.  Our art projects and studies visited many academic areas including science, math, reading, and writing.  This was great for our younger students on summer break to prevent that "summer brain." :)

Take a look at our photo gallery below to see the fun we had and the cool things we made.   Some of our projects included: photography using sun rays, shadow studies in chalk, sun catchers, collaborative sand box play, bubble painting, pop art summer treats, and hot air balloon innovation.  Summer is inspiring in so many ways.